the Philosophy of Meta

Nodism – the Philosophy of Meta

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Below are some excerps from the Nodism Wiki:

Nodism is a philosophy of connection.

There are different types of Connection but we will concentrate on a Hierarchy and in particular a Single Hierarchy – making nodism more explicitly a philosophy of meta.

In general, Nodism is revisiting the hierarchical view of our universe in light of our experience in the Information Age. We have now progressed, with many logical minds at work, to a converging view on data organization and how to model life through such an organization.

The current standard is to use XML to store and share hierarchies. Object Oriented Programming is used to model life including objects and properties as a way to store hierarchy. Humans have reached a concensus. These are now standard ways to describe and model life (including physical objects and mental thought).

Nodism provides a framework to take these logical ways to describe and model life and bring them into our daily thinking. Through Nodism we hope to bring the organization of thought closer to the creation of thought. A first way to accomplish this is through education and discussion.

A second way is by providing a staged series of mark-up languages. The first is Chronolang which tracks the chronological order of thoughts yet still provides a tabbing syntax to record organization. Tags called Nodits can be introduced at any time depending on the Author’s ability. A fully tagged version is called Nodelang and it compiles to XML in a version called Orgalang.

A wysiwyg thought organizating system called Node Notes will be provided to write nodelang directly and also provide navigation through the various nodes in a communal sense. The rigid aspects of the system will have benefits in establishing invention dates.

Eventually, people will think in nodelang which will help their thought flow. Knowing what type of thought you are having and where the content fits in a larger scheme is very powerful for clarity and creativity.